Albrecht Dürer • Study of Hands • 1506



Envisager le processus de création tel la transcription d’un passé transmis, vécu, fantasmé.

Rêver de l’union complexe de la main et de l’esprit.

Créer de truculentes structures qui ont pour prétexte l’assise du corps et tendre en permanence à comprendre la matière.


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As he can see, as they can wear, telling us a story.

It could be a colourfull tale, tought by human care as we love to see the ruby seeds of a pomegranate just fall down from a giant tree in winter time.

These shiny ruby seeds, on the white luxury snow on earth, will sing to your eyes again and again for long…

When designing a structure, still have consistency by hands, brain, materials, senses and elements.

Please enter in « Galerie » and feel these memories of a world, past, present and on go…

Welcome and happy earthy day.

L'oeil de Clémentine Correzzola, Bijoutière émailleuse – Enamelling jewelry